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Makes structured calls to the Fitbit API from your Windows 8 app
Logs in users using the OAuth flow
Uses RestSharp Api for .NET (

Project Contents
Fitbit: Client Library
FitbitApp: A simple Windows 8 app using the fitbit's client library

Please try to contribute to this project by :
filling in the rest of the API calls by using the existing calls as an example. Also, at least one unit test and integration test (NUnit) are required before I'll take a pull request.
I would love have more documentation and really appropriate any input on that front.

Legal Stuff: This project is licensed under Apache License 2.0.
Credit: Thanks to Aaron Coleman for the following contribution. as I would be spending lot more time for putting this together.
If you need more details and unit tests please visit Aaron project here:

Please Note, this is a work in progress and not a final product.

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